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11:29pm 06/09/2006
the aquabats are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
When these boys get the syrup in 'em they get all antsy in their pantsy.   
10:15pm 18/07/2006
mood: bouncy
Early birds get the worms. I woke up at like 6 today. Insane no? Then around 7 I went out to the local Armed Forces recruitment center. I filled out a card for the Air Force reserves because they weren't in. The other offices didn't open until 9 so I walked around Toys 'R' Us' parking lot for a while. Despues I sat in the middle of this concrete circle in front of the Armed Forces recruiting center that was divided into I want to say eigths? I just looked up at the clouds, into the sun, at my surroundings etc. Walked up onto these cinder blocks that were set up about 6 feet high, just stood there staring at the clouds again, then walked back to the circle. It actually may have been more octagonal? A digital camera would be nice. The sun was behind the clouds with rays shining down all around. Beautiful day. Brodie was there PTing with the Navy. I told him I was there for the Air Force. Him and the Navy guys went jogging, I'm not sure if the 'j' is silent. The dude leading them started a chant that went something like "Air Force, What are you doing? Get off your dope horse and follow us." So I sat in the circle a little more, then went in the general direction they were jogging, except they weren't there, so I went off into the woods for a little, stood in an ivy patch and just looked up at the trees. Walked back to the circle to wait for the Air Force when this truck pulled up. Dude got out and was like "Almost ran you down huh?" He was there with this other guy to paint the Air Forces' office. He said Cooter (the Air Force guy) was lazy and probably wouldn't show up. So I went and talked to the guy standing in front of the Navy office about my DUI possession charges, if i could still get in. They said be sure i was off probation, talk to the Air Force guys, be sure of what i want to do. So i walked out to my car just kind of stood around deciding if I wanted to leave or not. Brodie came by and asked if i was just hanging out, i told him i was waiting for the Air Force guy to get there. Shook his hand said goodbyes, walked back to the Air Force office, talked to the dude painting it then just read the brochures. Was walking back to my car when a Marine recruiter stopped me, pulled me in, talked to me about the Marine Corps. I took a practice ASVAB, got a 53. Didn't really try at all. talked for a while then got a folder with a bunch of propaghanda. Came home, it was around 12:30. Found out Mike Metzger had called. He saw me when I was at the Navy office, since he is home on leave. He talked to me and asked if he could come talk to me about the Army. I agreed. Then I drank some maple syrup, read some of the Bible went into a sugar coma until he called at about 3:00. He came over, talked to me for a bit, then the Marine recruiter called, asked me to come out to the office to get the information they need. My charges are aparently cleared. Yay! So I went out, talked to them some, gave them my social security number, address, all that good garbage. On my way home from there my car kept running out of gas. Once on Turfway, once on Dixie, Then again when i was coming up Concord. I was hot as hell from all of this and my mind was about numb, so the lady behind me honks her horn. Me being the gentleman I am, put my car in neutral, got out to push it up the hill. Instead it rolled back into hers. So i got back into my car to put the brakes on when she just started yelling in crap. Like "this has to be a joke" so I just kind of ignore her and she was all "Don't shake your head at me." Saying i had an attitude and crap. I just wanted to be like "You know this is love baby." Only I was still really pissed off from her yelling, and the pressures of the fear of the unknown from the military. She did the American thing and called the cops So I ignore her, kick off my sandals, and just lay in my car with my feet hanging out the window waiting for the police to arrive. She talks on her phone and complains to someone about me. Corey drives by. Wait a little longer, hear her talking to someone, so I slide out the window. It was the cop. The name on his badge was Love. He is all sypmathetic with her up her ass, I just kind of stand there. He asks for my information saying if I give him wrong information it's illegal. Then I tell him I said "Andrew not Anthony" while he was writing down my information. I just sit on my trunk. Corey drove by so I gave him the gas can in my trunk and he went to fill it back up. The cop said that if he were plain clothes, and i did the stuff i did to the lady, he would have beaten me up. What a nice guy eh? I had my karate gi in the front seat. So I take like 5 minutes emptying the gas can just to waste the cops time, put the empty can in my trunk, sat on it until he told me to leave. So i get home and just lay around in the grass til like 6 and left for jujitsu. Since i got there early, Shihan was outside on his porch wearing a kempo helmet with a pratice sword. I walked by the locker room and there was a woman in there (who I am assuming is Shihan's wife? maybe not?) doing like sit ups on the bench press. She was wearing camo pants. Girls in camo... (there is a God) She said "hey" i said "hi" walked behind the outhouse to take a squirt, get back to the zen garden to put my gi on. Some green Day song was playing in the locker room, where she was working out. So I start picking up stuff like leaves and straw, when i notice empty shell casings laying around. I picked all those up, then found a bucket, and continued to pick up leaves. Training was good today. We learned how to choke and how to escape chokes. Throws, good stuff. After class I talked to Shihan about how I talked to the Marines. He said I'm not ready yet, and would probably wash out. To continue my training there. He is a former Marine. Sempai told me I did good work tonight and that I am getting better. So now here i am. I have been writing this off the top of my head for like the last 20 minutes. I haven't updated in a while, so you here you go. If anyone is interested in making a movie about my life, all materials in this LJ is © me. So pay up. For those of you who don't know, I have been training here www.torakan.net I'm still not really sure what I am doing, or if I am pleaseing God, Jesus loves me, so I must be doing something right. Oh, I got a check in the mail from my grandpa for ten dollars too, the card had a dinosaur on it.
I have the power.   
02:23am 10/07/2006
mood: cold
I feel blessed, or cursed. Mainly just pissed. I hate that I can't be myself.
I should be in bed   
05:09am 26/06/2006
mood: indescribable
I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Lately I have been thinking prophet, is there any money in that?
04:01am 13/04/2006
  I'm dreaming.  
02:26am 13/04/2006
mood: awake
No, seriously, I feel like high school was the biggest waste of four years. Now that I'm out, I just want to get my voice heard, only no one will listen to me because I'm uneducated. Go figure. I got a free book in the mail a couple weeks ago, don't know if I posted about it. The Last Free Man in America Meets the Synthetic Subversion. It's the autobiography of Gatewood Gailbrath, he spoke at the Reefer Rumble back in October. He ran for governor of Kentucky and drove the hemp car with Willie Nelson. All of their accomplishments seem to be in vain though because the laws still haven't changed. Plus they just recriminalized marijuana in Cincinnati. What a crock of shit. I was thiking about talking about that at the comedy thing, only everyone wants to laugh, not get preached at about how bull shit and backwards the laws are. Unless you can find the humor in that. I'd really like to grow marijuana too because I've done it before, it's real easy to do, plus I could grow really good pot, give it to my friends trying to get off heroin to help with their withdrawals, not to mention my lower back pains. Only I don't want my parents house to be confiscated in the War on Drugs. I'm on probation too so if I fail a drug test, or get caught with marijuana, or drinking underage, I just go back to jail. It's bull shit I'm old enough to go off and die for the country but not old enough to enjoy a nice cold (or warm) glass of beer with dinner, life is hard enough without all this bull shit added anxiety. Sure I partied too hard a few months back, but you live, you learn, you settle down, and I've been trying real hard to get my life back, only I can't fucking relax because I feel like any move I make I'll just get arrested. So I stay at home, work, sleep, pay taxes, and buy into their bull shit. I'm smart enough to know that I'd rather be stoned, relaxed, having a good time, becuase at any fucking minute there could be some nuclear/hydrogen/neutron bomb going off killing us all. It's war they want, and it's a war they've got, seriously, at the same time there are trees being cut down to grow more shopping malls so doesn't it seem like they would want to plant more trees (cannabis sativa) to help the depleting ozone. I don't know what more I could say, I could revise, rewrite/edit this, only what would be the point it's all been said before only no one listens. I don't know what i want to study back at school except for art and language, but I'd really like to travel to get the whole cultural experience along with it. Ah fuck it, what's the point. I'm going to sleep, my mom bought me a new futon cover today and it's hot and fresh out the dryer. Peace

PS I also feel like the world's biggest asshole.
need a little time to wake up   
01:52am 13/04/2006
mood: hot
i hate emotions. one minute you're happy the other minute you're sad. i went patio furniture shopping with my mom today and i say some pretty crude stuff. i also get very depressed around my mom. idk. she always seems really depressed too. she wants to buy some patio furniture with some money left over from her mom's estate. i found out some of that money went to getting me out of jail. i've been writing a lot and i've checked out a shitload of books from the library. well, like ten. i am going to lose them and have to pay for them. a treasury of russian literature, the illiad, the prince (a critical analytical edition),no exit and three other plays, leviathan, purgatorio, the comedy market a writer's guide to making money being funny, a nook on pirates, and coming of age as a poet. i also checked out fletch with chevy chase. i've been writing my thoughts down a lot, i have been trying to think of funny shit for the funniest person in cincinnati contest. i've been listening to a learn a language record (german, but i also have french, russian, and spanish) that my grandma gave to me when she was moving out of her house into a retirement home. i have a good base knowlege in all of them but russian, and i need to work on my pronunciation/annuciation. i also bought morning glory seeds at target and my mom said she thought the cashier was flirting with me. my dad gave corey money to go to hooters so i went too. i tipped the waitress pretty good because i just got paid and my dad paid for it so whatever. i ate some of the seeds and like half a sheet of peanut butter chip brownies too =d. i go through this phase just about every other week to try and hold onto what's left. i'm not really sure anymore. i feel fairly confident about where i'm at only i'm not sure where i'll end up. i keep thinking about joining the navy or the marines, and i really want to quit or just do it. i know i'd be too nervous to enjoy it or i'd just get shot in the face. who knows. i really need to just slow down. i had a dream last night (well like middle of the day) about getting fired from work. that's always a fun thought. i do need a new job though but i really like where i'm at right now only i know it won't be this good forever. if you followed all that give yourself a pat on the back.
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12:46am 09/04/2006
mood: giggly
I am entered in the funniest person in Cincinnati contest for May 24.
I really don't know what to do though.
I"ve been writing shit, and I laugh at it. I really think it has been driving me crazy. Now that I have something to work at besides work. It's only a five minute act though.
It's cool seeing my name on the internet.
Some dudes at my work today were saying "They're all going to laugh at you." I haven't even told them that I entered the contest. Maybe this is a good sign? Who knows?
train of thought?   
01:46am 06/04/2006
mood: drained
i feel like going on a depressive rave about life, but it's probably just because i haven't smoked in a few days. my emotions are pretty stable, but i've been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately and trying to actually learn something, which probably isn't good. i've been working a lot. not really a lot. i feel like i could be doing a lot more. actually a depressive rave would probably be good for me, but a burden to you, as casual readers, friends, random weirdos... anyways, i have been thinking a lot about the developers moving in, like at the tewes business park. i've also been reading about industrial hemp more and more, put two and two together. i got a free book not too long ago, the autobiography of gatewood galbraith. he spoke at the reefer rumble. there is an old alcohol prohibition law or some law about dry counties where you are allowed to have privacy in your home that lets you grow marijuana, i don't feel like risking it or putting my parents house at risk though. i dont like spending money on pot so maybe it is time to quit. i love it though. i've been doing too much realy to try and stay focused on one main thing, i don't really call anyone. idk. i have been working out and i just found one of my old paintball magazines. i've also been thinking about becoming a comedian. i just don't want to get my hopes too high. i want to concentrate more on learning german. i'd really like to just have a farm where i could grow enough hemp to sustain a livable income, and with enough acres to own a paintball/recrational facility/hotel something along those lines. idk. i went to southgate house tonight o see clap your hands say yeah but they sold out so i just browsed barnes and noble. i parked by the world peace bell. ataround 10:30 ish i sat underneath it for a few minutes before i went home. blah blah blah blah. keep it real. oh, i had diarrhea today too.
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06:43pm 31/03/2006
  march madness. my cell phone called jordan burk on accident. i was reading the west ohio auto mart guide on my floor. he was in missouti visiting tyler elliot. he just got out of boot camp for the army. it's good to hear from old friends.  
08:35am 25/03/2006
mood: confused
this is about the closest thing to a "blog" as i'll ever have. i just feel like writing. so sue me. anyways, waking up from last night makes me feel confused. call it a hangover but i didn't even drink that much, it's just the state of everythingtoday is enough to drive a person crazy, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, so most people turn to drugs/drinking. i'm not trying to sound above that, more or less below it (from not doing anything about it). there's just so much more to life and seeing everyone else's go to shit makes me feel like doing something, but i don't know what besides just being here. this is probably going to sound like a fucking suicide note. i guess you could call it that, i am killing myself. slowly, as the days go by. just about everything i've ever learned about the world has changed so much over the years and i feel like there isn't a damn thing i can do about it. i'm just trying to keep it together but what can someone do when everyone else is doing the same thing.
oh, well   
01:14am 20/03/2006
  todd's party last night was pretty cool. i haven't gone out much lately, i have been losing my mind. i feel like i am finally at peace but i still feel lost so i don't really know. i was really depressed all day at work and that may interefere with me doing a good job but i really just don't know anymore. which is sort of weird. i feel like i could just die and be forgotten but i also feel like i can do something big with my life but everything i touch either turns to shit or gold so i don't really know. i should be back at northern in the fall but i feel like i should join the army. i don't deserve any of this life but there is still so much that i havent experienced. i dont really know. last night was fucking beatuiful. listening to darkside of the moon with good friends, then wish you were here. it's a good life.  
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09:26pm 15/03/2006
  today i was really angry. i thought my brother had taken money out of my bank account. turns out i had more money than i thought i did. awesome! now i only need to save about twice as much as i already have to get back into school in the fall. then who knows what? this making money thing is a bitch. I also played frisbee golf and hung out on the swings at banklick today. my face is sunburnt.  
i ate your choclate squirrel   
03:39am 05/03/2006
mood: tired
i have too much energy and nothing to do. i also have to go to my last class at 9, work at 2, sleep...... i can't fall asleep in the class or i won't get credit for it... i should sleep now.
02:02am 13/02/2006
mood: disenchanted
damn you brady. not really, but i have been looking for records and shit on ebay lately. i want a really good record collection. i am looking at two mars volta lps right now, some dead kennedys, and i have a bootsy collins record that should be coming anyday now. i need to save money though. i raelly need some headphones. i have yet to start my language lessons, but i am really hoping i stick to this. i need to do something for my mind since i am not in school. i am going to go back but when i do it is going to be for good. please shoot me in the back of the head if none of this works out. anyways i would always be able to sell my record collection. idk. i don't want to drink or do any drugs anymore. i am an alcoholic, this i have realized, because everytime i dirnk i just pass out. so i figure sooner or later i won't wake up. PEACE, ps i am going to go crazy at work probably. it's not so bad just monotonous. ineed to keep it interesting, i also need to start socializing. i would probably be a lot happier. blah blah blah
i have more money in the bank than i though   
10:30pm 03/02/2006
  the classes just made me feel like all this class shit is karma catching up to me. i walked down the stairs which lead to the back of the medical facility and opened the door for a girl and her mother. then i smoked a cigarette butt out of the ash tray and stared up at the moon. crescent moons make me a sad panda.  
i want to be a producer.   
03:04am 02/02/2006
  i would be really fucking good at it.  
270 dollars   
02:50am 02/02/2006
mood: nerdy
that is how much money i've made working the last two weeks. 23 hours both weeks. i have to pay 175 for the classes and 95 to finish off what i have to pay to my probation officer. i busted my ass for this money and i can't even enjoy it. my pay stub says i have made 800 dollars this year. i have no clue where it is all going. i don't do shit. i think i have around 500 in the bank and i am getting 300 back in taxes. i want to blow it all on a vacation but then i am no where closer to getting back to school. the first million is the hardest.
wake up darling   
02:35am 26/01/2006
  this time last year i was asleep probably. i slept so much. it was great. hard to believe it is already 2006. everything feels like it is coming together.  
11:34pm 20/01/2006
mood: kill 'em all
so i scheduled my alcohol abuse classes. weeeeeeeeeeeee for wasting money. i love how part of my probation is to work faithfully. so i am free to work. yay! i am tryingg to quit cigarettes again because i read in the emperor wears no clothes that by law farmers are required to grow their tobacco in radioactive soil. yay for cancer and governement conspiracies. that book really makes me hate america/life and how incredibly gullable people are. as long as they are happy. humans have to be the dumbest of all animals, because they think they have higher intelligence. some might, i personally would be happy as hell living in the wild. but i am civilized. high school really fucked me up. peace.